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About Me

"There is one life, so be confident and determined to create your own identity because once you know who you are."

You Are Unstoppable !

A leading woman with a heart of gold, she has an unwavering soul with passion coursing through her veins and valour gleaming through her gaze, and this is what defines her legacy as she shines at the summit of everything else. That is Dr. Shweta Singh, the woman who founded an empire with immense dedication and unending zeal for her mission, becoming an icon whom we all can look up to.

Entrepreneurship is not a cakewalk, it comes with its share of toil and troubles, and Dr. Singh, despite her adversities, has never failed to rise even a single day.

Dr. Shweta Singh is a first-generation serial entrepreneur who specializes in Intellectual Property Law, Blockchain technology, and business management. She is the founder and CEO of Ennoble IP, a technology-based Intellectual Property (IP) platform that enables innovators, researchers, investors, entrepreneurs, and academia to ideate, analyze, protect, and commercialize their IP and innovations in both local and global markets.

She holds a vision to increase India’s ranking among the top ten countries in the Gender Inequality Index (GII), resulting in the establishment of an IP ecosystem across the country and transforming India into a hotspot of technological inventions and discoveries that contribute significantly to the nation’s economy. Additionally, her immense empathy towards women and her will to uplift them has led her to start SheReal, World’s #1 women’s professional networking platform on the blockchain with Metaverse. With a bagful of zeal, she is in the process of working day in and day out to build a space that is safe and progressive for women to flourish and kickstart their fancied ventures. Her farsightedness has made her envision a world where women thriving in professional realms occur without hindrances, as well as their success, is not measured by the scales of gender or gender-based roles. Furthermore, the tech-savvy in her loves to try her hand in the arenas of technologically powered dimensions including the metaverse. 

Being a woman herself, she is familiar with the adversities that women are subjected to go through when it comes to professional growth, especially when they are rising from a background where women have not been backed adequately in professional fields. With this thought, she continues to stay committed to encouraging women’s socioeconomic well-being and growth, empowering and uplifting the women’s community through equitable opportunities provided through automated communications and optimised workflows, and becoming an integral part of an ever-growing corporate world. Her dream, SHEVERSE, a utopia in which women from all over the world can meet and create long-lasting ties with other female professionals, with financial incentives for women to form strong bonds to advance their professions,  based on DLT and Web 3.0, which provides concrete opportunities and prospects for women to establish a successful footprint.

Dr. Singh is a determined entrepreneur who is an active investor in many women-led startups and small enterprises. Her thought of giving back to society encouraged her to found her NPO The Women Entrepreneurship and Innovation Foundation (WIEF) which is dedicated to aiding innovative female-led startups in reaching new heights. She was felicitated at Shakti Awards 2022 by her inspiration Dr. Kiran Bedi for her courageous and tremendous efforts to uplift women and assist Indian and international businesses with their IP needs was named Times 40-40 (40 under 40) by TIMES NOW and was labelled one of the Economic Times’ Most Inspiring Women Leaders 2022 by Economic Times, India, whilst also Awarded by the Ministry of Finance in India for Excellence in Women’s Entrepreneurship 2021. She is a respected entrepreneur with experience in the tech-legal field. Dr. Singh was also named an ‘Exceptional Woman of Excellence’ and an ‘Iconic Woman of the Year’ by the Woman Economic Forum in 2019 and 2020 for her unwavering efforts and achievements. In 2022, she was named Women Entrepreneur of the Year by the Ministry of Finance.

She has broken the glass ceiling as a woman entrepreneur all along her journey, standing tall as a beacon of hope and drive for all women, emerging as a successful businessperson with a mission to improve people’s lives. One of the highlights of her career has been the recognition from the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, for her unrelenting commitment to the progress and empowerment of women worldwide.

As a female entrepreneur, and visionary, confronted various challenges throughout her life, including access to capital, gender bias, work-life balance, a lack of network and mentorship, stereotyping, and workforce challenges. They pulled her down for being a female and discouraged her from having huge hopes and aspirations because she was from a small conservative town in Bihar. Later on, while expanding her business’s genuine network of professional contacts and mentors, gender bias and discrimination played a significant impact, making it more difficult for her to secure clients and partnerships. But she outdid herself, demonstrating to society the power of a woman. 

Dr. Shweta Singh believes that a woman is capable of doing anything she puts her heart into. Despite the tremendous gender bias and imbalanced scales that weigh them down, there’s always a hand that will be held out to provide them the accurate support, and she makes sure to be that hand for the thriving women of today. 

“There is one life, so be confident and determined to create your own identity because once you know who you are you are unstoppable.” 

– Dr. Shweta Singh